Press Release

Ian Albritton
Creative Connections, Inc.

October 15, 2004

For Immediate Release

Digital Freeze Stat Protects Systems with Multiple Coils

Duluth, GA - The FreezeCop™ digital freeze stat adds the capability to monitor and protect multiple coils from damaging freeze events. One to five remote sensors can now be attached to a single FreezeCop freeze stat enabling it to monitor single or multiple coils inside a geothermal heat pump or water-to-water HVAC system.

The use of multiple sensors now allows FreezeCop to monitor a single coil in more than one location, or to monitor multiple coils. Some geothermal and water-to-water HVAC systems have more than one coil that need to be monitored and protected from damaging freeze events.

On system start up, FreezeCop detects the attached 12-bit digital electronic remote sensors. FreezeCop then flashes an on-board LED to indicate the number of sensors detected. Should a sensor become disconnected, FreezeCop will shut down the heat pump as part of its safety-oriented design.

FreezeCop is a "smart" digital version of what is commonly called a freeze stat. FreezeCop toggles reversing valves, interrupts compressors, and uses software to predict and avoid damaging freeze events. When unable to prevent a freeze event, to thaw a coil quickly enough, or when a unit attempts to freeze too many times in an hour, the FreezeCop disables the heat pump. Disabling the heat pump prevents the unit from damaging itself, avoiding costly warranty claims.

FreezeCop is manufactured in the USA and marketed under the name Georgia Controls. FreezeCop and Georgia Controls are trademarks of Creative Connections, Inc. Creative Connections is an 18 year old electronics manufacturing company located in Duluth, Georgia, USA.

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