About Georgia Controls

Creative Connections, Inc.
3407 Duluth Hwy 120
Duluth, GA 30096-3341, USA



Georgia Controls is a division of Creative Connections, Inc. (CCI) who manufactures products and provides services in the USA. "Georgia Controls", "FreezeCop", and the FreezeCop logo are trademarks of Creative Connections, Inc. in Duluth, GA, USA.

HVAC Electronics

In 2002, Creative Connections created Georgia Controls to manufacture innovative products for use in HVAC equipment. CCI engineers and manufactures electronic products for various, diverse industries. Georgia Controls leverages CCI's capabilities and uses them to create leading-edge electronic products for the HVAC industry.

Georgia Controls product line started with the introduction of FreezeCop™. Still manufactured today, FreezeCop is a microprocessor controlled digital freeze stat for HVAC water-to-freon heat exchangers.

Georgia Controls products are used by Hydro-Temp in their geothermal heat pumps.