Some Georgia Controls devices are set up using a Palm compatible PDA. To communicate, these systems use the MCP2150 chip, which will communicate with most Palm compatible PDAs running OS 3.50 or later. Below is a list of devices which are known to work or not work with our products.

Georgia Controls Compatible Palm compatible PDAs

Known Compatible PDAs

(listed alphabetically)

  • Handera 330
  • Handspring Treo 180
  • Palm Centro Smartphone
  • Palm Handspring Visor
  • Palm IIIc
  • Palm III XE
  • Palm M105
  • Palm Treo 650
  • Palm Treo 680
  • Palm Tungsten E2
  • Palm TX
  • Palm Zire (plain original model, also known as M150)
  • Palm Zire 31
  • Palm Zire 71
  • Palm Zire 72
  • Sony Clie

Known Incompatible PDAs

  • Palm Zire 21
  • Palm Zire 22

Please help us expand this listing! If you have a Palm compatible PDA which works with our devices, please contact us so that we may update this page.