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Current Manuals

FreezeCop Rev 5 Manual (02/2013)
VPV Converter Rev 3 Manual (05/2012)

Archive Manuals

FreezeCop Rev 4.2 Manual (11/2010)
FreezeCop Rev 4 Manual (10/2008)
FreezeCop Rev 3 Manual
FreezeCop Rev 2 Manual
FreezeCop Rev 1 Manual
VPV Converter Rev 2 Manual (04/2010)
VPV Converter Rev 1 Manual (08/2009)


Current Software

Date Size Filename Status Platform Description
03/16/2012 60KB Production Palm OS This application allows the user to download date and time stamped log files from an Atlanta series controller. The user can filter logs by type, and get extra information about specific events. Version History
08/20/2010 87KB Production Atlanta Atlanta series firmware flash update file version 1.14. Version History
06/08/2010 80KB Production Palm OS This program allows the user to send to and receive setup information from an Atlanta series controller. Version History
10/14/2009 70KB Production Palm OS A group of utilities that aid in the installation, testing, checking, and diagnosing of heat pumps in the field. Compatible with Atlanta series control boards.
Version 1.11 changes:

  • Updated sensor data page to display setpoints, differentials, fan speed, humidity, and a system status summary at the bottom.
  • Words and icons on command page now launch tools like the icons did in previous versions making these utilities much more user friendly.
06/22/2009 59KB Production Palm OS This program allows the user to update a Georgia Controls flash upgradeable device with new firmware in the field.
NOTE: Firmware files from beta versions of this program are NOT compatible with this version. The way the firmware is stored in the PDA was changed for 1.00, and older firmware files must be deleted before upgrading the PDA to this program.

When shown, Beta* software is offered for evaluation purposes only, and is not intended for use in the field.